Monday, October 08, 2007

Two Ways to Fix New Orleans Immediately

1. Fix the levees and restore the wetlands.

2. Cut Devery Henderson. With Lance Moore or David Patten or Robert Meachem or Joe Horn in Devery's slot, we would be 2-2. Devery lost us the Tampa game in subtle ways, and he blatantly lost us the Carolina game yesterday. Olindo Mare is bad, but he should've been irrelevant yesterday.

On a side note, I am starting to think that the clothes I wear while I watch/attend Saints games does NOT affect the team's performance on the field. I've switched up several times (yesterday, I switched from a Saints hardhat to a Panama hat), and the team still loses.

This surprises me. I had thought my sartorial choices had more effect on the game.

Question: Hey, West Coast, what do the Angels need to do to get right? Perhaps Jeff Tedford could give some seminars to Coach Payton and Manager Scioscia?


bigshot said...

I don't think your clothes are a reason for the Saint's problems, but I do think the color of the Saints jerseys may be. I believe that our problems in the passing game may be influenced by whether we are wearing white or black jerseys. Perhaps Brees, who we know already wears contacts, has trouble seeing our receivers when they're in their black. I'm going to go through the Saints stats later today to see if the numbers back that up.

jeffrey said...

No the only wardrobe problem out there is the Saints stubborn allegiance to the ugly black pants. I will always hate those freaking pants.

Devery is inconsistent and he had a couple of bad drops yesterday. But, remember, his turnover was negated a few plays later. And he made a few big plays as well. I think this means he's useful but he's probably not a one or two receiver. An over-the-hill Joe Horn is still a better starter than Devery.

If you're looking to blame some people for the loss, however, you should look in this order:

1) Brees was terrible (and he had protection this time)

2) Jamaal Brown continues to jump offsides and line up wrong and hold and such.

3) The kicker sucks

4) The kicker really sucks.

5) Soupy because he's ultimately responsible for all this crap.

6) Dropped passes. Devery dropped some balls. And Copper dropped some balls. And Colston dropped some balls. And Bush dropped some. Many of the "drops" were actually Brees's fault for throwing too high or behind people. For some reason people tend to notice more when Devery drops the ball though.

MAD said...

Truth is, the whole team stinks right now, and that is the fault of the coach and the general manager, the 2006 coach and general manager of the year. A disastrous draft, injuries, ill-advised cuts, poor coaching and a general malaise set the stage for this wash-out season.
Payton and Loomis need to do something NOW, to show that they are still in control of the team, before things really get ugly.


Sell Olindo Mare a river raft ride down the river



Tell Olindo not to come to work today

Anonymous said...

Exactly. What's been the impact of the more heralded draftees, other acquisitions? Meachem not playing, David Patten hardly setting the world on fire, Antonio Pittman cut, Brian Simmons playing only b/c of injury to someone else, Jason David giving up big plays prior to injury. Is Usama Young getting any time at all?

angels, saints, and bears oh my said...

Tedford is busy focusing on the Oregon State game. He is thinking about nothing else. And anyway, all of those guys are cut from the same cloth. All great coaches. Scioscia is being questioned for the way he approached the last week of the season after they clinched...but who knows. I think it is just hard to be that one team that ends their season with a win. Really hard. I would like to see another big bat and another starting pitcher. Don't be surprised if last night was A-Rod's last in pinstripes. I see halos in his future.

As for the Saints... you are right that Olindo Mare should have been irrelevant Sunday but the thing is why did we even mess with that part of our game? I am probably far less informed than anyone else who chimes in here but wasn't John Carney one of the best things we had going? I always felt like I didn't have to worry about the kicking game. He made all the kicks he should and most of the really tough long-shot kicks. I just don't get it.

This weekend it felt like finally Drew got some space to throw and Devery wanted to play hot potato. Dude can't catch! Anyone would be better. Even Hofstra looks mediocre this year (when we see him). Maybe its this injury thing they are talking about but he almost got picked off one of the few times he was thrown to because he simply wasn't going to the ball like the defender was.

All I know is that being a fan is exhausting and sometimes - inexplicably - nothing goes right. Maybe I will be there for the Saints first win when they play here in SF.
(And not those shitty one's in Chicago - the California golden variety.)

Cold, Hard Facts said...


sack the kicker

Anonymous said...

yea....well i have 2 ideas that would solve new orleans problems...the first one starts with tall trees and short ropes.......and the 2nd one involves getting joe horn back