Thursday, November 01, 2007

Comparing Katrina & Levee Failures to Wildfires

CPW proves once again that when I was born, I left most of the brains in the gene pool for him to scoop up.

Here are just a couple of rows from a great comparison chart he has posted:

NOLA: The Superdome and Convention Center had no power, no utilities, and no security.
California: Qualcomm Stadium had beer and hot dogs for everyone.

NOLA: 350,000 homes were destroyed.
California: 1800 homes were destroyed.

Check out the rest here.


Craig said...

Thanks for the referral!

I think the label on my brain was
"Abbie something"....

angels, saints, and bears oh my said...

This SoCal native could not agree more. As I mentioned to you I have been looking for a way to wrap my head around the monumental differences between these 2 events. A chart like that could not be more helpful.