Monday, November 12, 2007

Cool! I get involved with the word "gamma."

This morning, I will be injected with some sort of radioactive stuff.

Then the radiology staff will use a gamma camera on me. The whole process is called an octreotide scan.

I am hoping that the result will be the ability to look like this when I get angry.

I think this will be effective at work and with my kids, as well as when I am cheering the Saints on to victory over opponents and the referees.

P. S. This is a precautionary test. Things appear to be fine.


Anonymous said...

Blogger Mr. Clio
Belted by gamma rays
Turns into the Hulk
Ain't he unglamorous
wrecking the town
with the power of a bull
A'int no monster
He's the ever-loving

Leigh C. said...

Well, if you do become the Hulk, you'll be able to add some gold to all that green and purple...

Craig said...

A) You'll be wayy ready for Mardi Gras - just need a gold stripe in the shorts;

B) The prayers are flyin'.

saintseester said...

I sure hope everything is ok. This sounds a little scary.

ashley said...

So when you scream at the refs, you'll look like me yesterday?

Jack McGee said...

Dr. Clio Banner, I presume?

ginger schnapps said...

saying a few extra prayers for you clio, hope you are well :)