Monday, November 05, 2007

Darn. Missed again.

Gambit has posted its 40 under 40 list again.

Once again, I'm not on it.

Maybe it's because I'm:
1. not under 40.
2. not a winnah.

P.S. UPDATE: Blake's congratulatory words and proper attitude make me want to say that my attempt at humor above is not intended to take away from the many cool stories listed in Gambit's effort to honor people making a difference in our city and region. Among my faves are the Forjet's, proprietors of Randazzo's Goodchildren Bakery that was wiped out in St. Bernard. Now they're fighting the good fight for delicious Italian baked goods and king cakes on the Northshore. Check out Nonna Randazzo's sometime.


Leigh C. said...

You're a winnah all right. Your soccer team knows that. I know for a FACT at least one of those folks in the Gambit issue is a loosah disguised as a winnah.

And NONE 'a dem are woild class...

ashley said...

Take a number boss. Howzabout "4 under 44". Me you, Erster, Dillyberto. There...screw you, Clancy.

jeffrey said...


The Gambit.

It exists only to irk me with its cliquish yuppie porn.

I really don't know why it hasn't been struck down by God.

berto said...

Jeffrey is Woody Allen with an upbeat twist today, eh?

Gambit is great.
Nothing better to eat boiled crabs on, see who's playing at Le Bon Temps and pitch in the trash.

Oh, yeah. Good bird cage liner, too.

and papier mache?