Monday, November 19, 2007

I Am Disgusted with My Country Today

New Orleans will not be one of the four cities to host a presidential debate.

Read the link to listen to the passionless, ostrich-like, pitiful excuses.

New Orleans didn't deserve a debate because we suffered a tragedy. We don't want pity.

New Orleans was the best place for a debate (or even all four of them) because all of the major issues facing our country and world have been on display here for over two years: a national infrastructure at risk, homeland security (our port and levees), race, education, economic opportunity, global climate change, wetlands degradation, agriculture and aquaculture, crime, corruption, crony capitalism.

Instead, the debates will be held at Ole Miss and Hofstra. (Hofstra?) Oh, and St. Louis and Nashville.

If I lived in the West, I'd be pissed too.

If you're not happy about this, call or email Mr. Paul Kirk Jr. See the link for what seems to be some contact info for him. I emailed him the following:

Mr. Kirk,
You and the Commission on Presidential Debates had a chance to do the right thing. You had a chance to face our nations' challenges and shortcomings squarely in the face by putting at least one of the four presidential debates for 2008 in New Orleans.

Instead, you and your comrades gave aid and comfort to the enemies of our nation and world by choosing head-in-the-sand locations like St.Louis and Oxford.

To be clear: the enemies of our nation and world are complacency, arrogance, and negligence. Today, those qualities won. Integrity and truth-seeking lost.

I am disgusted with my country today because of your poor choice. I will get over
it, but I will not forget what you have done.

In effect, you are no better than the failures at FEMA who left us abandoned when the levees failed. You are no better than the criminally negligent people at the Army Corps of Engineers who gave us the levees that failed in the first place, and who continue to lie to us today.

I hope that one day you understand the serious mistake you have made.

Mr. Clio


bigshot said...

Right on, Mr. Clio.

saintseester said...

Did you say Ole Miss? Ole Miss? Are there even hotels there?

bigshot said...

I just sent him an email and a letter to the Editor of the NY Times. His comments to the Associated Press are absurd. He states that New Orleans doesn't "measure up." And suggest that he is doing New Orleans a favor by sparing the city the cost. Please.

Craig said...

It's rather funny, because you know that a lot of the same politicos who work the debates will be in town for the SugerBowl or BCS Championship or JazzFest.

OTH, you also have to think about who benefits from having the debate here. Not the Rep. Party. not the Dem. Party. Pretty much no one but John Edwards. And I would imagine as the leading candiates, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Giuliani have nothing to gain from coming here.

So, when both parties argree on something, it happens. Or rather, doesn't.

New Orleans News Ladder said...

Hey, thank you for the letter. I also thought about posting it in the comment section of Harry Shearer's latest Huff Post on this very subject, but thought instead you might want to do it. Please do:

Instead, I posted you onto todays issue of the New Orleans News Ladder, a new daily news site for New Orleans News. Please check it out and say hello. I just launched it last week.

Thanks again,
Bruce Biles
editor / NO News Ladder

Tim said...

Don't be disappointed in your country. This is a private problem. The Commission on Presidential Debates is a private corporation that is owned and operated by the Democratic and Republican parties. They exist so that they can control the debates. Recall that PBS and the League of Women Voters used to sponsor presidential debates, but then they went and invited people like John Anderson. So this new group was created to take it over. It's all about control. They control every part of the process now, except for the actual voting on election day. That's next.