Friday, November 09, 2007

In Economics, Isn't This Called an "Opportunity"?

I'm posting from Atlanta, where they only have 70 days of water left for a very large metropolitcan area.

70 days of water left.

Now, I've noticed that in New Orleans--as recently as October 22--we have no shortage of water.

Can't we work something out?


Craig said...

You'd think so. If we'd actually elect politicians who kept their hands in their OWN pockets.

40 years ago, Walt Disney wanted to put DisneyWorld in NOLa East. Instead of putting it near a famous city with excellent air, rail, and sea connections, he ended up putting it in wilderness that required a lot more effort to get off the ground.

Why? Because we were greedy (were?).

For instance, we need the large cargo airport between BRLa and NOLa. Screw the politics and trying to protect BRLa's and NOLa's airports. Think big, try to be the best, not just 'special' or 'unique'.

Whatever you think about Jindal, it seems pretty clear to me that he's got a different approach on how to run government. He may be the only chance we get in the next 30 years to really shake things up and change the way we do things.

Here's hoping - let's pray he is the good things that have been said, and not the bad things.

Karen said...

Maybe they need to Brown dots part of Atlanta

Puddinhead said...

"Whatever you think about Jindal, it seems pretty clear to me that he's got a different approach on how to run government."

Wait until he's actually in office, and then run a correlation between the list of his largest campaign contributors and the list of those who are either in his administration or who get contracts with the State before coming to any conclusions. No matter how idealistic a politition may think himself, they all incur debts that they must repay.

Craig said...

>> re: puddinhead...

Sadly, that's largely true. What is interesting about human behavior is that we tend to accept it as part of the game for politicians we like, and see it as indicators of evil intent for politicians we don't like.