Friday, November 30, 2007

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

It's the attention to detail that makes this thing rock and makes it feel like this is why the Internets were invented.


LatinTeacher said...

I love the kid in the green in the background. That's going to be my new personal dance when the Saints go to the playoffs this year!!! And this is exactly why the internets was invented.

daneeta loretta said...

Weirdly enough, I was looking at this clip just Friday. I was trying to find out who wrote the Lucy and Linus song so that I could ask permission to use a bit of it in Tokyo Cowboys. This clip came up. Found out who owned the rights (a subsidiary of Warner). They want £500 for 30 seconds' use of the song. I tell you, this is cheap. I have heard horror stories about tracks costing upwards of $100,000, and some Rolling Stones songs go for $1,000,000. Sometimes it really blows to be an independent. We are gonna have to sell something again. I think I just went off on a tangent. Sorry...late Sunday night/early Monday morning. Glad to hear you're fine, Chris.