Friday, November 23, 2007

There Are Limits

Now, I'm a big believer in practicality when it comes to clothing and fashion. For example, I don't hold fast to the "Memorial Day to Labor Day only" rule about seersucker. I consider Easter to be the first seersucker-wearing day in New Orleans. And I've been known to wear seersucker well into September and maybe even early October, given the 90 degree days that we see here in World Class New Orleans even in early fall.

But Mr. Brees is way out of whack in this picture from yesterday's Times-Pic. Seersucker at the Fairgrounds? On Thanksgiving? When it's like 48 degrees?

P.S. Mr. Brees, I write this as a fan. I never would've bothered to write about Jim Everett's or Wade Wilson's clothes.

P.P.S. Seersucker consistently screws up in digital photography. The tight lines are too much for pixels to handle, as you can see above.


New Orleans News Ladder said...

Oh Mr. Clio,
I swear you are Too Much!
Thanks for keeping The Eye on the Reason for the Season.

Craig said...

To confirm my geek-ness. It's probably not the digitial part, but the JPEG lossy-compression that causes your digitial camera to lose the mighty seer sucker. JPG format compresses and to make even smaller pictures drops a bit of the actual picture info.

Set your camera to save pictues in RAW format, and you'll be in seersucker heaven. Of course, each picture is much bigger in RAW mode.

Mr. Clio said...

Well, that pic above was stolen from the Times-Pic website, so they need to get that news too.

Thanks for the lesson. It will be relevant at Easter time fo sho.