Friday, November 02, 2007

World Class Vision

Hey, America.

CPW showed us two photos in comparison that I had never seen before.

On the left is my region at night, before Katrina and the levee failures.

On the right is my state at night, after Katrina and the levee failures.

Dramatic, eh?

Thing is, when I look at the one on the left, know what I feel and know?

I feel and know that my city (New Orleans) is unlikely ever to burn that brightly in the night again.

On the one hand, that's a crying tragedy, because President Bush--through ineptitude and cynical neglect--is ensuring that there aren't as many lights on at night in my city right now, today.

On the other hand, maybe it's a sign of a truly brighter future, because maybe an even bigger and better New Orleans won't need to burn as many lights (and as much fossil fuel) because we'll be greener and smarter.

We're tough enough and smart enough to make up for the impeachable pinhead who is our President these days,

UPDATE: Great. Now we learn that President Pinhead's neglect is hurting the Port of New Orleans. Impeach and convict him. NOW. He is worse for our nation than Al-Qaeda. Much worse.


Nabil said...

What's the date of that second photo? It's got NO lights at all south of Pontchartrain! It must be right after Katrina...

Craig said...

Photo header info says 8/31/2005. Actually, it says "31AUG05".

FWIW, Mr. Clio is correct - NOLa will not shine as bright again.

It will shine _BRIGHTER_.

Not even an idiot texan President will be able kill her. We're used to outside (and internal) neglect.