Sunday, December 30, 2007


The author of the Federal Levee Defense must leave.

And so must Devery Henderson.

And Jason David.

And Olindo Mare.

Reggie Bush must become a punt returner and slot receiver.

Deuce must return for two world class seasons at least.

To summarize:

Old New Orleans: No worries. Our Federal Levee Defense is okay. Just relax.

New New Orleans: This carpetbagger construction isn't good enough for our World Class People. We can do better. Go home, Coach Gibbs.


saintseester said...


It's almost a New Year, my friend. Things to look forward to.

daneeta loretta said...

Scrap the levees. I'm too cynical to believe that they will ever be built to protect NOLA. Go for floating houses a la Holland:

LatinTeacher said...

You left out David Patten.

Anonymous said...

One has to concede that even with Brees and the offense having a good year overall, both he and they were inconsistent, being very good when they were on but also ineffective in key spots.

How much blame on Brees? Hard to say, although as the main cog in this operation he has to accept his share when things don't work as much as he has to get credit when things do, but aside from him, Colston, Patten (after the 4th game or so), the backup RB's, McKenzie and Fujita (and maybe Kaesviharn a little bit very late in the year) no one left a positive impression or played with much consistency).

Of course, they can't send Brees packing but anyone else who's not a young player who might have some upside potential and not named Deuce, Colston, Patten, McKenzie, or Fujita ought to be unhappy with their performance and at least feeling some heat to keep their position.

All the focus on Jason David misses how the Saints paid a bundle to Charles Grant who was already here playing in this system and have gotten so little to show for it. David can at least claim that he's fairly young, has some speed and was in a different system before (where he was a starter for three years and on a championship team). What is the defense front seven's excuse for not getting more heat on opposing passers? There may well be a point with regard to coaching but both the talent and execution are lacking.

Mr. Clio said...

I think the front seven's excuse is partly poor coaching and partly not enough talent.

Grant was totally disappointing this year. Totally.

Fujita should be our 3rd best linebacker, and unfortunately he's our best.

I think a good coach sees what talent he has and tweaks a system to deal with it. I don't think Gibbs did that this year.

I don't think it's a coincidence that since he took over, the Saints defense rarely causes turnovers. We play a passive, wait-and-see style that does not match our offense.

Brees definitely had some down times, but in the vast majority of games, the offense played well enough to win. The Bears game is a perfect example. Was Brees great? No. But 25 points against a pretty good defense ought to be enough in the NFL. The defense is simply awful.

I saw J. David in person in training camp. I just can't believe a guy that size can be an every down starting CB in the NFL. I don't care how fast he is. (His speed didn't mean squat when guys with slower times in the 40 just ran right past him. He's a track star, not a football player. The same description might apply to Mr. Bush unless he starts showing something.)

Anonymous said...

If you don't have but only 2-3 guys on defense who have sufficient talent as in being good enough to start on some other team it's hard to see how "tweaking" can accomplish much. You're not talking tweaking as much as complete overhaul here, especially as regards the front seven. And then there's the safeties also who are probably as much of an issue as the CB's.

Anonymous said...

Also, there's nothing really wrong with a "patient" defense attack and indeed such an approach may well dovetail OK with the Saints' more quick strike-oriented offense attack.
All that matters is that the other team doesn't get to score as much as your team does by the final gun.

In other words, the defense need not be "Monsters of the Midway" intimidating in order to be able to get the job done. But they do have to be able to get the sacks or INT's or plain old stops at the right time and enough times.