Sunday, December 02, 2007

In Homage to Chef Who Dat and NOISE

Yes, one New Orleans chef got some bad news this week, but Emeril will be back strong, no doubt.

However, another New Orleans chef wins every week. He has a John-Wooden-at-UCLA-like winning streak going, with no threat of ever losing.

Chef Who Dat quite simply is the man. Right there with Deuce. One of the Most Powerful Men in New Orleans.

And he, with Coach and with Ashley, asks us for noise. (By the way, Mr. Fujita was on the radio this week asking us to bring the noise one hour early. Dilly and Berto plan to comply.)

So let's bring it today. Let's do it for Chef and Mrs. Who Dat.


Miss Manners said...

a USAToday reference. How gauche!

Chef Who Dat said...

An humble merci. On the topic of what we witnessed yesterday . . . unspeakable. On the topic of the crowd commitment and energy . . . spoonworthy.