Sunday, December 09, 2007

Two NOLA Guys with Graham Crackers, Candy, Icing, and Other Materials

I went to visit Clio II at his boarding school in northern Alabama this weekend. As a parent-child team, we were tasked with building a gingerbread house. Other parent-child teams built some wonderfully traditional gingerbread houses. This is what resulted from our work. It was Clio II's idea and design, although I take some pride in crafting the curve of the roof (using the ends of plastic spoons and icing).


saintseester said...

That is so cool! I especially love the colored lights around the top - just like the real thing on special event night.

angels, saints, and bears oh my said...

I am now thinking of commissioning the Clio team to replace my traditional nativity any ideas???

Ashley said...

With my sand slow internet connection in the middle east, it took a while to load...which added to the suspense.

"What the hell is that? Huh? What? Are those M&Ms? Wait! That is so cool! Lookit the ramps!"

Thank you both for the smile.

Leigh C. said...

Dan loves it. He thinks it ought to be our son's birthday cake for next year.

Victor Schiro said...

I'm impressed.

It looks better than the Rivergate.

Dave Dixon said...

Neat design.

Can I use that?

Edward Durell said...

I find the graham cracker entrance ramps tasty.

It's very similar to my 1967 contruction at #2 Canal Street.

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill said...

We like the use of white for the super structure.

Both of our great feets in New Orleans and Houston are white.

697 feet

Tallest building in New Orleans and Louisiana.

Tallest building in the south 1972 - 1976

Coach Joe said...

Let's get this clear.

I have not been contacted by representatives from the University of Michigan, but I am interested.

Coeds, wendys, yeaaayyhh

Apollodorus of Damascus said...

The successful use of the dome structure clearly may help with my construction.

Check out my dome.
It looks like yours

Tim Tebow's girlfriend said...

My domes are bigger.

daneeta loretta said...

I think you could sell dose in da Quarters.