Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Understand what I was saying about Carpetbaggers?

Here's what Jim Haslett, former carpetbagger here in our fair city, is up to now in St. Louis, according to Gregg Easterbrook of TMQ:
Single Worst Play of the Season So Far: With Green Bay leading St. Louis 20-14 in the third quarter of what was then a tense game, the Packers faced third-and-10. Green Bay lined up trips left with Greg Jennings the interior slot man. St. Louis defensive backs Ronald Bartell and O.J. Atogwe stood directly in front of Jennings, Green Bay's deep threat, visibly arguing with each other about which of them would cover him. At the snap, neither covered Jennings, who simply ran straight up the field alone. Brett Favre threw Jennings a 44-yard touchdown pass; the receiver was so alone he looked as though he was expecting to field a punt. St. Louis Rams, you are guilty of the Single Worst Play of the Season So Far.

Congrats, Coach Haz!


scout said...

And thank you St. Louis for it!

Ashley said...

But he's a defensive genius! Don't believe me -- ask him!

daneeta loretta said...

I don't understand all this football talk. Can we talk about baked goods again?

mominem said...

I'm glad somebody did something dumber that that damn reggie reverse.