Monday, January 21, 2008

Can't Get Rid of Us

I quite enjoy that the networks have been continuing to show this commercial even during the Saintsless playoffs.

Although I don't especially enjoy the anti-cash, you-must-use-Visa message, the music and visuals are pretty damn good. (I will say that I love my Visa Check Card, though.)

(The person who posted it on You Tube has an odd interpretation of the ad; I see it as an anti-geek, anti-prepster ad at worst.)

P.S. The version of "When the Saints" by Louis Armstrong appears to be his version Live at the Hollywood Bowl. When NOLA and Cali mix it up, good things often happen.


saintseester said...

I have that recording of Louis'. Love it.

And the guy titling the commercial as homophobic, assumes the rest of us identify pink with gay people. That's the kicker. He's putting HIS interpretation out there.

I hate pink shirts on guys though, and pink ties. Pink is mine, dammit, not yours.

Nabil said...

I cannot get enough of that commercial, and didn't even notice the pink thing until you pointed it out. My eyes tear up, and I now think of it as a tribute to last year's team. I guess it means more when you're living away from home...

Tres Four said...

I'm fired up to be the first one through the tunnel, Coach! They don't call me Black Jesus for nothing.