Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Could be a Cool Carnival Brawl

The T-P helpfully gives us the heads-up that Orpheus will name their celebrity monarch today.

I really hope it's Mr. T.

Then he and Hulk Hogan can have a kick-butt old celebrity dust-up sometime between Bacchus on Sunday and Elks Orleanians on Carnival Day.


jeffrey said...

You gotta admit it will be hard to compete with the Hulkster. Who could bring that same essence of has-been 80's trash-fluff with something of a New Orleans connection involved?

Rhonda Shear?

Puddinhead said...

Oooooooo......Salt 'n Pepa.

PEH-pa....Mmmmmmm. Push it.

B.A. Barrabas said...

I ain't gettin on no plane.