Thursday, January 31, 2008

Endymion Assault-Seizure of Public Property Begins

I must start by saying I respect the Endymion tradition and am happy that it is returning to Mid-City to bring happiness to so many. Mid-City is a world-class neighborhood that deserves a BIG, world-class parade like Endymion.

But then there is the behavior of some of the people (certainly not most) who go to Endymion. The Times-Picayune makes it easy to see the problem (see pic below--couldn't find it on, so I scanned it).

I don't need to say much more than does the great letter that ran today in response to yesterday's picture. I will say that while it may be tolerated by the police that people do their cordoning off thing, I firmly believe that the police should be equally tolerant of anybody who just walks right through these areas, stands in the middle of them, parks their own ice chest on somebody else's tarp, whatever. It's public space. If a small group of people display bad manners, I think the best thing to do is to ignore their bad manners and assert one's right to public space.

Here's the pic and the letter:

Has Katrina taught us nothing?

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am a citizen of New Orleans. I have an issue with the spray-painting of a neutral ground, the property of the city of New Orleans.

Is this not a form of graffiti? Isn't this illegal? Can I go around and spray paint anything I want and not get arrested?

What right does one citizen have to block all others from participating in Mardi Gras' free show?
Ladders, taping, etc. -- all allowed -- are forms of division.

These obstacles make it difficult for all to enjoy the show.

This behavior is selfish. It seems like Katrina has taught us nothing.
Celeste W. Robinson
New Orleans


jeffrey said...

Heh. I hadn't thought of the "graffiti" angle. Someone should call Fred Radtke.

GentillyGirl said...

Darn! That was my thought. POOP!

Craig said...


"Has Katrina thought us nothing?"

Important thought.

Who's the mayor again? Are the elected officials largely the same?

I AM really glad about collapsing the assessors into one. Logical, but NOLA elected officials fought to block that one, in large part.

Ashley said...

Yeah, put some grey paint on top of that.

Leigh C. said...

Actually, if Radtke does the gray paint thing over it, I think neighborhood beautification folks who can get easily het up over this kind of thing will haul him AND the original neutral ground painters over hot coals for messing with the grass.

Ashley said...

Of course, somebody *else* could paint it grey...

Mr. Clio said...


Good question, but fortunately there are good answers brewing.

The City Council is majority new.

The Mayor would not be re-elected today given the changes in voter registration over the past year.

We have an inspector general. His work will take time to take effect.

Arrests and prosecutions are up dramatically in the past couple of months. The effect on crime will be noticeable, but not immediately.

If the feds do their job, this place is going to be something else in five years. Watch. We're doing our part. I see the difference every day.

Craig said...

@Mr. Clio.

Indeed. Here's hoping/praying.

I, too, see many positive changes each week.

The inspector general is a very good thing.

As to why some of the council members left... ;-)

We've always had the potential to be amazing and not just interesting.

Time to move on it.