Saturday, January 19, 2008

Indie Film News for Louisiana

From Daneeta, who (in London) knows World Class, I received this news:


The film "Little Chenier: A Cajun Story" opened in Louisiana on January 18. It was written, funded and shot in an around Lake Charles - the director writer and producers are all from Lake Charles.

The film has won 9 best pictures on the festival circuit.

This was their first serious theatrical release, and they wanted to let you all know about it......also Mr. Mancuso's company "Radio London Films" is making a second film in New Orleans this summer (He "kinda fell in love with the place").

This film features the late Mark Krasnov and many other great performers that you may know.

The trailer can be found at this link.

The website is here.

THE FOLLOWING INFO IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR QUICK REFERENCE The following theaters are showing the film:Little Chenier2hr 0min - Rated R - Drama AMC Westbank Palace 16 1151 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA, USA11:10am 1:50pm 4:40pm 7:25pm 10:05pm Hollywood Cinema 9 1401 West Esplanade Avenue, Kenner, LA, USA11:20am 1:30pm 3:40pm


daneeta loretta said...

Thanks Chris! Always good to support local filmmakers. Hoping to become one myself come June. If anyone sees the film, let me know how it is.

Nabil said...

Uh, email me when I can Netflix it...