Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lies and Misrepresentations

The person who has decided to spend some time lying about the federal government and New Orleans has now decided to lie about me. I should be honored, I guess, but I'm not.

In response to his unAmerican (or perhaps very American) ode to hate and Bush-administration-lie parroting, I posted a comment that said:

All hate, no reason, no relationship with reality--this makes for a dull blog, sir. Goodbye.
I planned to go back to his blog of lies one time to ensure that my comment was posted. What I found was raw proof of the kind of person he is.

He found the need to edit my comments and post this as my comment:

All sharp points, made with reason, close relationship with reality--this makes for an great blog, sir. I'll be back. As a life-long member of New Orleans, I at least am not stuck on stupid.
Posted by:
Mr. Clio at January 14, 2008 4:28 PM
That's the kind of guy we're dealing with.

I respectfully request that you immediately delete your deliberate warping of my comment. It is a fundamentally dishonest thing to do.

See, this is the way we do things in World Class New Orleans, the Great American Story of the Early 21st Century. We tell the truth and treat people with respect.

Oh, by the way, our inspector general's staff got fully funded yesterday. Any news on your city's inspector general? Or on an inspector general who would monitor President Bush's no-bid contracts?


New Orleans News Ladder said...

T'anks for the heads-up, Noble Mon. After hanging you on the Ladder I went back to his comments section for another romp. I say its time to escalate this rope-a-dope!

New Orleans News Ladder said...

And btw, regarding inspectors general, I have been wondering how we might get the GAO do do a full and complete Audit of the Corps Books (both of them), line by line, down to the last penny of wasted tax revenue. Any ideas? Follow the money and we will see their congressional support structure, the way they play us off of each other.

Leigh C. said...

Oy vey. I THOUGHT that part about your coming back to that schmuck's site didn't sound at all like you. If you're gonna monitor comments, at least take a hint from the godawful commenters at Nola.com and accept the thing as-is. Don't EDIT it.

Sorry. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but STILL...

New Orleans News Ladder said...

As it appears that our boy may not publish my response comments (I may have scared him off by using Latin, feces), here is the upper half of the Pope quote that he used in response to his own hatchet job of Mr. Clio's comment. Funny thing about selective quoting, take the Crusades or the Holocaust for example.

"Some to Conceit alone their Taste confine,
And glitt'ring Thoughts struck out at ev'ry Line;
Pleas'd with a Work where nothing's just or fit;
One glaring Chaos and wild Heap of Wit;
Poets like Painters, thus, unskill'd to trace
The naked Nature and the living Grace,
With Gold and Jewels cover ev'ry Part,
And hide with Ornaments their Want of Art."

This essay is also the source of the famous qoute: "A little Learning is a dang'rous Thing"

Nattering Nabobs, Batman!

New Orleans News Ladder said...

Sorry, y'all. He did actually publish my comments~~in their entirety too! I think he is experiencing the wrath of Our Lady of Prompt Sucker. (and getting, ahem, backed-up in response:)

Clio yer a Saint. I havn't had this much fun since watching the cops running from their victims during the flood!

daneeta loretta said...

This guy is an absolute ass. I spoke to my sister yesterday, and she still does not have land line service in her Arabi neighborhood. Instead bitching about layabout New Orleanians, maybe he should do some research about where federal monies have been misappropriated away from the good people of NOLA.