Monday, January 07, 2008

Nagin and Carnival Season: Huh?

Last night, I watched WWL-TV's brief news story on the kickoff of the 2008 Carnival season, which took place at Gallier Hall. It looked like a nice event, with the St. Mary's Academy band, representatives of Rex and Zulu, and king cake.

One problem.

Mayor Nagin said that he was glad Mardi Gras is early this year, because it means that the people in town for the BCS Championship Game can enjoy the season.

Um, could someone please explain to the Mayor that Carnival season begins EVERY YEAR on January 6?


saintseester said...

He needs to have an Epiphany...

Craig said...

What part of
"Nagin is an idiot and an embarrassment to NOLA, Louisiana, and the human race."
is unclear at this point?

While accurate, your point beating the dust left over by the decomposition of the skeleton of a dead horse.

Mr. Clio said...

Craig, I still think it's important to point out each and every bit of goofiness. Same goes with Bush.

jeffrey said...

This same dumb line was repeated on the Channel 8 News last night but one of their anchors.

Craig said...

@ Mr Clio
I don't disagree. It's just supremely disappointing that we'll be saying/thinking the same exact things for the next few years.