Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hello, Clio. Helloooo, Nossiter.

I'm really glad the NY Times has Adam Nossiter and other reporters here. However, Nossiter's articles aggravate me almost everytime. Two years ago, he managed to go to a Mardi Gras parade on St. Charles Avenue and not see black people. Huh? Where was he standing?

Now, more fun from Nossiter.

To wit:
He quotes our new governor uncritically as follows:

“I’ve talked to C.E.O.’s in New York, even the president of the United States,” Mr. Jindal said in an interview, and when “you ask them for more investment, more help on the coast and other areas, their first reaction always is: ‘Well, who do you need to know? Who do I have to hire? Is this money going to end up in somebody’s pocket?’ ”

Wait. Bribe-paying CEOs and the President are examples of /experts on moral probity? Mr. Jindal actually takes this? And Nossiter reports it without question?

Next, he talks about the Baton Rouge branch of WCNO's favorite restaurant, Ruth's Chris:

Meanwhile, the mood is feverish but still merry at Ruth’s Chris. A recent night found it packed with lobbyists and legislators. With the Capitol five miles away, its popularity will be threatened when the new rules go into effect on March 30. But the lavish springtime banquets held by lobbyists, where tables groan with choice Louisiana seafood, do not appear to be immediately endangered.
He fails to mention that Ruth's Chris abandoned our state, and the phrase "choice Louisiana seafood" implies that Ruth's Chris is somehow a Louisiana institution and that they serve "choice" food. Wrong. The cowardice that taints that food will give you indigestion every time.

Finally, the general spirit of the article is that Jindal passed this legislation by fiat. He's the knight on the white horse, above the fray of the sinister and huddled masses. The fact is that the Legislature had to pass it, which means that there are other people in the state (and in state government) who want transparent government too. The article implies otherwise. Wrong again.

On a positive note, I congratulate Governor Jindal for a good first step toward transparent government. I hope that he and all other government officials live up to this.

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Ashley said...

Somebody needs to ed-u-ma-cate PBJ about how vile ruth's chris really is.