Friday, February 01, 2008

Such a Night

I spent about 5 hours on Napoleon watching parades.

I did fatherly things.

I sipped 15-year-old scotch with other bloggers.

I got a cool decorated skate wheel from Soviet Bloc of the Big Easy Roller Girls.

I shook hands with Harry Shearer and told him "Thanks for sticking with our city."

I gave a beer to the Dirty Coast guy.

I got a cool Rubik's Cube necklace from a Bearded Oyster and gave her a beer.

I found out my cousin is in Muses when she bombed me with beads.

I got completely bombarded by my friend Traci on Float 24 in Muses (a float that made FEMA look good for the first time ever).

A cool night.


Ashley said...

Damn. I should have left earlier. Sounds like the party didn't kick in until we bailed.

Mr. Clio said...

1. The 15-year-old scotch was an absolutely necessary ingredient to the later fun, so it wouldn't have been a good night without The Inimitable One.

2. The later fun had everything to do with Muses. It's just a cool parade. Full of ladies. Who throw things to guys. All good.

saintseester said...

You are just rubbing it in...