Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thank You, Sheryl Crow

Sure, the visuals are pretty much what somebody not-from-here thinks south Louisiana is like every day.

But I don't care. The song is bouncy, and the visuals include:

1. Be Nice or Leave
2. A nasty refrigerator all taped up.
3. A guy with an old-school UNO shirt on.

And Sheryl Crow is one of those people--yes, I admit it, Bono, Drew Brees, and Gwen Stefani are others--who, for me, if they do it, it's cool. I'm a sucker that way.


Craig said...

Very nice.

I AM told by my elders that a .true. old school UNO shirt would say,


... but that connection's probably too embarrassing to mention....


Nabil said...

That was amazing! Thanks for posting. Incidentally, I think the UNO shirt is actually an old band uniform. Also, I like the Be Nice or Leave sign, straight out of Bywater...

Brian "Mr. Glitter" Bordelon said...

Ahh, Sheryl. I remember when she opened for Blues Traveller at the Saenger back around 1994. I was in the front row, trying to look up her skirt the entire show.

Oh, yeah, and her songs are good too.

Craig is right about the old UNO shirt. Thankfully for LSU, not many people associate the UNO parking lot/school of tourism with a distinguished, real university.