Sunday, February 24, 2008

World Class Verification

From Chris Rose's column today, which includes his take on the email responses to his other column about NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans as "dancing at the center of the universe.":

Here's a similar entreaty from an e-mail I got from a reader named Ken McCarthy:
"Normally, I'd say a writer who writes like this needs to dial it back a bit, but as an ex-New Yorker who lived ten years in San Francisco and has seen the other great cities of the world, I'd say what you wrote is downright clinical in its accuracy.

"I moved here after the levee failures and I have to say this is not only one of the world's greatest cities, it's one of the greatest cities that ever was. It belongs right up there with Athens in its Golden Age (which I'm sure had its own petty government thieves, pointless violence and inept public works projects).

"I really pity the people who can't see what a wonder New Orleans is. They're not only missing the world's greatest party, they're also missing a place of rare nobility, decency and courage."

I've enjoyed Rose more lately than I was for awhile. (I noticed the entire Rose family together today at the end of the Mardi Gras Half-Marathon. Maybe his personal life is normalizing a little.)

Okay, I know Mr. McCarthy is in no position to compare New Orleans to Athens in its Golden Age. And I know we can be better in so many ways. And I know there are other great cities.

But there really is something special going on here right now.


LatinTeacher said...

What about Rome? Oh wait, New Orleans is not the center of an empire and Nagin is definitely not an Emperor (though he might think it). I can see Athens in its Golden Age, though. Good stuff, sir. And Congrats on the running.

Ashley said...

Da fam heard Rose screaming "NO!!!" on his porch this afternoon. Might have been watching a game, or opening his Entergy bill.

mominem said...

I pretty sure that Pericles had his bud's well employed building the Acropolis.

If the result was worth it no one would mind.

Niall Doherty said...

Well as someone who just moved here last December and has been busy enjoying every single minute, I fail to understand why people live anywhere else.

Good job on the running, btw. I live on St. Charles and somehow missed it completely. Must have been early.