Saturday, March 22, 2008

Best Ever

1. The Lady Wolfpack of Loyola University New Orleans have advanced to the quarterfinals of the NAIA Division I Basketball tournament. The Pack defeated the tourney's number one seed to get there. This is great for Loyola and great for our city.

2. In today's Crescent City Classic, I finished in under an hour for the first time in my life. I saw the Librarian after the race, who said he "dropped out at mile 5." His "sucktastic" time was still better than mine. I'm impressed. Too bad he's such fan of Devery.


Leigh C. said...

It must have been the 4 lbs of crawfish he packed on the night before the CCC.

Mazel tov on your under an hour time!

saintseester said...

Happy Easter. May you find renewal and joy this season

Chef Who Dat said...

Congrats, Dilly. Went looking for lee de fleur yesterday on the infield, but came up empty. You wasn't standing next to P-Diddy, was you? Heard he was holding court with double-fisted Ambers at the 30-yard line.

Almost beat the Kenyans yesterday in a final sprint on my bike from Harrison/Marconi to Tad Gormley. Alas, in my 7th-consecutive running of the CCC post-race party, I just missed the 9 a.m. party gate opening on Marconi. Finished at 9:07 a.m.