Friday, March 28, 2008


There's some bad stuff going around. I've had a sore throat and fever in the 100 degree range for three and half days, and Berto's had it even worse.

Our future nay-bah James Carville (Oyster scooped everybody on this two days ago) certainly has the fever:
"The quality of life in Uptown New Orleans is as high as anyplace in the country with the parks, universities and restaurants. And Magazine Street is consistently one of the most interesting streets in the United States."
Indeed. We're a miracle.

P.S. As NoPickles points out, however, the T-P's editorials are often not a miracle. Don't ask NoPickles about how easy it is to get to Uptown, though. Hee.


oyster said...

Sorry you and Berto are feeling bad. Hope you feel better, and thanks for all the good work you do.

Ashley said...

Dammit, NoPickles said he wasn't going to blog anymore, so I removed him.

Carville has odd taste in women, but his heart, in this case, seems to be in the right place

New Orleans News Ladder said...

Well no one seems to have notice that you will soon have walking amongst you...The MOUTH OF DICK!

Granted the job of Speechists to the Darthful Dodger doesn't lend one's word to much public scrutiny, she is a known drinker, and I wonder if Mnx Matlin is the source of our VP's latest lump of quote: "So?'. y'all really want the black helicopters?
Don't git me started...

New Orleans News Ladder said...

You just shouldn't bring up Mnx Matlin and the word 'Fever' together...I forgot:(

In A Coffee Cup...
1/2 Tbls lemon zest
1/8-1/2 Tbls FRESH Ground red pepper (careful)
1/2 inch deep peeled, shredded Ginger
Enough Honey to make it all go down...
Mix all together in cup with Berling Water--stirring until barely cooled enough to drink, then...
...Strain into Shot Glass
...Sip (recommended) or one-shot the whole thing. Either way it beats a hammer for taking your mind off your fever.

Get well, Mon. Miss you fierce.