Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Leave for a Few Days and WHAT?

Cheesh, y'all.

I go to Boston and NYC for a few days, and you let Steve Gleason retire and Ruth's Chris move back into Orleans Parish?

On the latter issue (let's start with the ugly, so we can end with the pretty), let's remember Ruth's Chris CEO Craig Miller, who abandoned the city of New Orleans in its darkest hour. Miller is opening a location of his overrated, overpriced, stock-tanking restaurant in Harrah's Casino. Miller tries to make Orleanians feel better by letting us know that the former Broad Street location (see pix here) will be given to their corporate foundation (tax-savvy move) so that it can be donated "to the community":
"It will be used for the community and the neighborhood, not for commercial use," Miller said.
Do you realize what he's saying here? "For the community" sounds great, right. NOT. What he's saying is this: "We're certainly not going to let a competitive enterprise move into that building." Wouldn't want to take anything away from the ever-worsening Ruth's Chris bottom line, right?

In the end, who cares, though? That neighborhood already has a world class steakhouse. And Uptown will soon welcome Charlie's back.

I'm not a Harrah's guy anyway--only been there once because one of my best friends was having a big party and wanted to go there after. Now I'm really not going there.

As for Mr. Gleason, I'm happy he's going out on his terms. I'm happy he's marrying a World Class New Orleans Lady this May. I'll have to get in touch with Gail about all this.

I can't top Chef, Ashley, Berto, and GW for commentary on the greatness of Steve Gleason.

Regarding Gleason, here's a request for help from the Internets. After his block of the Atlanta punt on 9/25/2006, Gleason said something to the effect that he felt the whole Dome become part of his being. Or something like that. Does anybody have that exact quote and a link? I wanna get it tattooed on my forehead. Or something like that.

UPDATE: Thanks to Oyster, for pointing out that the focus of evil in NOLA will be located in Harrah's Hotel, not the casino.


oyster said...

Small correction:

The Ruth's Chris restaurant is slated to be in Harrah's Hotel, not Harrah's Casino (where John Besh's steakhouse is already located).

daneeta loretta said...

So glad Charlie's is coming back. I have many fond memories of eating there in the 80's. As I recall, it was reasonably priced (for my boyfriend, that is), and the steaks were awesome. Don't eat red meat anymore, but Patrick does, and you can be sure that we'll be gracing their doorstep when we return home.

Leigh C. said...

Not a big fan of eating in the casino. We went to John Besh's Steakhouse in there, and though the food was good (especially the lobster mashed potatoes), the leftover cigarette smoke from pre-non-smoking ordinance days was imbedded in the walls and was STILL enough to give us headeaches. Ugh.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Just thought you might care to know, I linked to this post in my blog: