Sunday, March 09, 2008

We Found Snow

This weekend, the Clio family was in northern Alabama (AKA Saintseester territory) visiting Clio II at school. As you can see from this pic of Clio IV, we found snow. It was a kick. It was also completely gone by mid-afternoon.


saintseester said...

This was our typical N. Alabama "snowstorm." The weather media are convinced it will be at least 4 inches, or more. Then you wake up to about a quarter inch of slush, that melts as soon as the sun comes up.

Although, the first year I lived her, they predicted a quarter inch to an inch that would melt right away. We got over a foot and it didn't melt for about 3 days.

Hope you had fun with it.

LatinTeacher said...

Snow like that is fun. Snow like we have gotten up here this year is not fun (icy, freezing rain, sleet and frozen solid for weeks). Hop you enjoyed it!

not really a paramedic said...

I.V. ?

I.V. ?

They have a CL10 I.V. ?

I bet that drip has, like 60% Bloody Mary, 10% Cuban Cigar, 10% Superdome kraut, 10% crawfish fat, & 15% wendy's drive thru

and maybe 5% urinary stone material