Friday, April 25, 2008

Every American Should Read This, Part Two

Tulane's Oliver Houck follows up John Barry. Governor Jindal, how about growing some and going after our "neighbors" to the North? They're killing us.


Let us imagine a Louisiana that, instead of making excuses, faced the agriculture industry upstream and said: Stop sending us your waste or we'll take you to court.

Imagine a Louisiana that would say to its own industrial dischargers: Let's get to zero levels, at least for toxins, so that we can recover the river that used to be, and can be again.

So many Louisianans would benefit. I saw just a sample of them on Saturday. It was a thrilling moment. We can do this.

Also in today's Times-Pic, be sure to read the letter to the ed from Entergy that gets surly with Chris Rose because he mentioned Ashley Morris's beef with Entergy's carelessness with New Orleans street corner tiles.

I'll take Entergy at their word in this case that they are working to correct the problem. However, Ashley did us all (including Entergy) a great service by bringing the problem up. (I wish the Entergy PR guy had mentioned Ashley in the letter, since Chris Rose's mention is merely Ashley's reflected glory.)

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jeffrey said...

That letter was really out of bounds. It was basically a slap at both Rose (a journalist... of sorts) and Ashely (a blogger) for having the gall to... you know do what bloggers and journalists do; ask questions about stuff. To both of them, Entergy is basically saying, "How dare you meddling kids stick your noses (however insignificantly) in our affairs!" Really... what a bunch of douchemooks.