Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mr. Clio's Grab Bag o' Fun

1. Congrats to the LSU Tigers, who beat the Tulane Green Wave last night at fancy new Turchin Stadium. It's the first time since 2000 that the Tigers have swept the Wave in baseball. This series has not had the same luster the past couple of years as it did a few years ago, but I have a feeling that next year, both teams will be back among the nation's elite.

2. Please note something: last night's Tulane-LSU baseball game occurred just up Claiborne Avenue from the New Orleans Hornets' crushing defeat of the Dallas Mavericks. Both games started at 6:00 p.m. Both games were completely sold out. All of this happened a few hours after New Orleans hosted the presidents of three nations. Not bad for a city not good enough to host a presidential debate. World class--and we're just getting warned up.

3. I'm taking Cliette and her friend to Jazz Fest on Friday. Cliette is a big Sheryl Crow fan. So I am I. Although I think we have different agendas in going to see Ms. Crow. Ahem.

4. Still no sighting of Smartie. No smell yet either.

5. The T-P ran a headline today buried in section A about 36 shootings in Chicago over the weekend. WWAB?


Leigh C. said...

You found Smartie yet?

Ashley would no doubt say something about our murder capital status being challenged. Bring it ON, Chicago!

angels, saints, and bears oh my said...

You gonna go Saturday to see Billy Joel and Cowboy Mouth? Ya know, Billy Joel became a mega star on talent...almost despite himself. I mean, look at him! No "ahem" needed at the end of my sentence.

Smartie said...

You'll be smellin' me alrighty.

I am holed up in the azaleas in the front yard praying for some rain today.

I plan to move and set up shop under the bridge after it rains.

You'll be smellin' me after the Tampa game.

I get nasty when Tampa comes to town.

Clay said...

Tulane's baseball team this year consists of Shooter Hunt and pray for 4 days of rain.