Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Life. Good. We Need Some.

Mrs. LatinTeacher and LatinTeacher are parents!!!

She did all the work, and gave birth to a 6 pound, 10 ounce baby boy.

LatinTeacher will take all the credit, I'm sure.

Although this child lives in Pennsylvania, we will school him in the ways of the Black and Gold.


oyster said...

Yaay! Congratulations to the new parents.

saintseester said...

Your FYYFF badge - love it. And, congrats to the new parents.

LatinTeacher said...

Thanks, brother. He will be wearing his Saints hat home from the hospital. And for the record, I did nothing.

Brian "Mr. Glitter" Bordelon said...

Stephen and Kate battled some long, anxious hours right after the birth, in the NICU, but little George showed he had some southern toughness in his system already, and pulled through with flying colors. We will honor him with purple and gold and black and gold.