Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pencil in Dec. 11 on your calendar. Do it for Ashley.

On December 11, on national television, we play that team from that city where Ashley taught.

The Saints need to administer a severe beatdown that night, for their own pride and--critically--for Professor Ashley Morris.

You know what to do, Will Smith.


dillyberto said...

From 10/13 to 11/23 NO SAINTS at the Superdome!!!!

Bono Vox said...

Is there any coincidence that tune #9 on our October album is Stranger in a Strange Land?

Drew Brees in London!

Leigh C. said...

Don't just have 'em win it for AshMo. My birthday is December 11th.

Chef Who Dat said...

Also filed under WWAB . . . Top Chef has an insulting tailgate challenge airing tonight that was shot prior to a Chicago Bears game -- apparently from 2007 season.

Good. Another cooking show that Chef removes from his list.