Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Screenshot of the Saints Website

Um, I hate to say this, but it's a MESS.


Chef Who Dat said...

more draft day misdirection. a messy website sends the message of an uncertain franchise, a team that doesn't know what it will do. when, in fact, we'll strike like nutria in the night, stealing defensive talent with frightening voracity, scouting hofstra better than any ever dreamed.

saintseester said...

Um. Okay. But can they take that disgusting eagle off the banner rotation?

Return of the Smarti said...



Just wait'll they get a load of me!

Kenny Who Knows ALL said...

I think they should have a link to Kenny W. life status.

WWL 870AM said...

Clearly the Saints are just trying to keep up with us.

We perfected the art of making the web site a baffling ordeal years ago, and every few months we raise the bar. Props to the Saints for trying to keep up, but they're still several steps behind. They haven't even discovered the wonders of intrusive overlay ads. With audio! Pfft... amateurs.