Monday, April 21, 2008

This Is the Way We Live

Crawfish at the Fly. The live ones provided hours of entertainment. There is still one very lucky crawfish alive at my house. Cliette and Clio IV consider what they're doing to be "taking care of" Smartie the Crawfish. That characterization is open to debate, however.

Life was good in New Orleans yesterday. And is today. (Also, thanks to Angus Lind for helping us to identify NOLAgoraphobia.)


saintseester said...

Stop it. Have you no compassion?

Curious said...

The Fly?

Where's the pic of the river up to the banks?

...or did it begin to fall?

ginger s said...

hope Smartie is thriving at casa del clio. checked out ashley's blog over the weekend, saw you in your shrimp boots in the photo's of his funeral...made me smile. sounds like is family is doing ok and are strong.

hope all the clios are terrific.

LatinTeacher said...

What Saintseester said. I will be in town this weekend. Wish I was bringing the King of Easton to get his first taste, but the doctor thinks he is too young. Doctors. Hmmph.