Friday, May 16, 2008

Get it right, Tulane.

(504) 988-9000 is the new phone number of the Tulane Multispecialty Clinic at University Square (formerly known as the Tulane Family Health Center).

I'm posting on this dull topic since the web and marketing people at Tulane seem determined to keep this information a secret. Googling turns up nothing except the old number (and often the old name too).

The marketing people at Tulane are the same geniuses who came up with the mellifluous name "Tulane Multispecialty Clinic." (It used to be called the Tulane Family Health Center, a name that focused on PATIENTS. But now the clinic's name focuses on DOCTORS. That's what clinics are about, you know. DOCTORS. Not patients. Or patience.)

So, again, I'm posting that the new number for the Tulane Multispecialty Clinic is (504) 988-9000.

I'm an idiot with a blog who knows next to nothing about the internets (isn't it just a bunch of tubes?), and yet when I post on something, my blog often floats to the top of Google search results. This reality is apparently beyond many marketing people.

So this post is for goofs like me who want to go to the doctor, but who are being hindered because the marketing and web people at Tulane want to keep the clinic's phone number a SECRET.

Did I mention that the telephone number or phone number for the Tulane Multispecialty Clinic at University Square is (504) 988-9000? The old number was (504) 864-6000. But the new number is (504) 988-9000. For the Tulane Multispecialty Clinic at University Square.

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P. S. You might also know the Tulane Multispecialty Clinic at University Square as the Tulane Clinic at Uptown Square or the Tulane Clinic on Broadway near the River, or the Tulane Family Health Center, etc.).

P.P.S. This blog post took 10 minutes to write. That's all it takes to get the new phone number for the Tulane Multispecialty Clinic at University Square among the top Google searches. Also, I did this for free.


James McDonough said...

Dear Mr. Clio, esq.

I was searching the internets for information about a health center called Tulane Family Health Center. Some folks told me to use the google. I did. But, I didn't get to your useful information until page 2 of the google. I just wanted to let you know that you might want to publicize your family multispecialty doctor's health center clinic a little better.

Yours in good health,

James McDonough
Louisiana Secretary of State Health and Hospitals

Craig said...

Mr. 'Clio',
Thanks for moving the world forward (even a little bit).

For you TMC marketing folks (well known avid reedurs of 'web logs'), it may just be me, but I my brain keeps translating that as "Tulane Multispecies Clinic".

Which brings up a whole 'nother mental image...

Anonymous said...

The Lakeside Clinic number (Women's Health) is incorrect all over the place, too, but at least there's a recorded message at the old number giving out the new number. 780-4560 is now 988-8070.

Two more links with both incorrect numbers:

Duff said...

Are you sure that the number for the Tulane Multispecialty Clinic at University Square is (504) 988-9000? I hope you verified that the number for the Tulane Multispecialty Clinic at University Square is (504) 988-9000.

LatinTeacher said...

I wonder (504) if it would work Tulane another 988 way 9000 for Multispecialty people to uptown find Family the Medicine number Clinic.

daneeta loretta said...

Dear Mr. Clio,

Is if free to go to the Tulane Multispeciality Clinic? ("Multispeciality," by the way, is not a word according to my spell check). I only ask about the free thing because, as you know, Jackson and I will be moving to NOLA soon, and we do not know anything about health care in the strange country of America. Here in communist England, health care is free. Of course we pay for it in taxes. But, I ask you, would it be cheaper to pay the $800 a month my mother pays for health insurance in the strange country of America?

I ramble. Hope to see you face-to-face soon.

Daneeta Loretta Saft

Nabil said...

Hey dude, what's that phone number again?

Brad Richard said...

Pretty funny...I needed to call the Multispecialty Clinic (apparently, they don't have an IT specialist) to make an appointment, but remembered that the published number was still the wrong one. So I was glad to see this as one of the first search hits. Anyway, I made my appointment, and before I hung up, I told the receptionist about the wrong number issue and mentioned that people were eve making fun of Tulane in blogs. "No, they're not!" said [protecting the innocent]. "Oh, yes they are," said I.

Thanks again for posting the correct number, which is, I believe, (504) 988-9000.

Megan Bronson said...

And months later, the wrong number is STILL posted at all the primary google results. I'm very grateful your blog has the decency to update Tulane's phone numbers. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I also could only find the wrong numbers until your blog. They even have the name and address, but NO PHONE NUMBER on the Tulane site.

Anonymous said...

Today is September 9, 2008 and yes they STILL have the wrong number published eeverywhere! Unbelievable! I was actually on hold trying to make an appointment while posting here and they are having "computer problems", then I got disconnected! This on top of the billing problems (all billing is done as outpatient, therefore insurance coverage is different than a regular doctor visit. This might be another blog). Maybe I need to find another doctor.

Anonymous said...

If you call 411 info and ask for the clinics number they actually give you the number to Tulane's Workforce Management office. great.