Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go Help Hana and Buy a Shirt or Two or Three

Yeah, I know the bearded dude modelling the shirt isn't the best marketing move ever, but do it for Hana anyway.

Angels and Saints and Bears Oh My reminds me that I need to match my commitment to running with a commitment to the JCC gym to, um, beef up the upper body. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm woikin' on it. I tried to get Blake to photoshop in a tan, but no luck there.

Thanks to Blake and Zack for including me.

Cheers to Dr. Morris! I miss him literally every day. I have a son who's struggling a little now, and I just get this feeling that Ashley is helping him get through this.


adrastos said...

Hey, Oyster looked dorkier than you, white boy.

LatinTeacher said...

If Dirty Coast was open on Sundays DURING JAZZFEST I would have spent a small fortune on clothing. Alas, they are not. Hell, if anything on Magazine St. was open on Sundays, for that matter.

And why doesn't PJs have Southern Pecan coffee

Blake said...

Sunday is the Lord's Day Damn IT!