Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gratitude to the New York Times

Despite their penchant for publishing Adam Nossiter's odd little fictions about our city, the editors at the NY Times continue to be among our greatest advocates.

Today, they go out of their way to help up by supporting the way-cool Presidential Forum that is slated for New Orleans for this fall.   (Do you think our city is up to speed for handling that kind of event?  We will need to check our Internets tubes thoroughly to make sure all the floodwater is out, yes?)


Howie Luvzus said...

Is that fall as in AFTER hurricane season?

New Orleans News Ladder said...

Hey Mr. Clio.
how's yer hammer hangin?

Will this forum actually fall on the anniversary?
And Rising Tide 3...?

[falling down]- verb transit, act of double-crossing the betrayal of western civilization,
In reference to the movie, "Falling Down": "Don't make me fall down on you!" from da'editillaxicon...1)Mad as hell not going to take this anymore, 2)When the going gets weird the weird turn pro-(HST), 3)You talin'ta Me!?, 4)Sloooowly I toin...step by step, inch by inch, miiile by mile!
Rising Tide!
Rising Tide!
Rising Tide!
Gonna fall'down all over yout'z!

saintseester said...

Well, now; that seems to be a very interesting project in the works. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

I think to find out the true mettle of a candidate, let's see how long they can hold up in Jax in August.

Nabil said...

I haven't minded what I've seen of Nossiter's reporting...