Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Saints Fan Any Hour Now

Mrs. Berto is doing the hard work of bringing a new Saints fan into the world as I type.

Please keep her (and the soon-to-be new baby) in your thoughts and prayers. All is well thus far.

I have been trading text messages with Berto that involves Saints imagery, such as:

Early labor: 1st and 10

Dilation begins: 2nd and 9. Need a pass to Colston.

3rd and 4: Contractions becoming very regular. Don't hand it to Reggie. Need Dulymus or Karney.

At the moment, I'm thinking we're at 4th and inches, and Dulymus knows how to get to the end zone.

More soon.

UPDATE: Dulymus has ball tucked away, is dragging J. Trotter on the ground right at the goal line . . . AND


Chef Who Dat said...

deuce upside your head?

saintseester said...

tap tap tap tap

Leigh C. said...

Finally. A Birth We Can All Agree On.