Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Is Why We Are Intermittently (but not permanently) Pissed Off in World Class New Orleans

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we in NOLA have a nutty mayor. Our recovery czar is a phony. And we could be a lot better in so many ways.

But if we're so stupid and corrupt and clueless, and everybody in Covington and Baton Rouge and north of there is so smart and upstanding, why is that that federal agencies, presumably populated by brilliant and pristine people from places like St. Louis and Chicago and Dallas and Jacksonville and (you get the idea) are the absolute worst offenders of all in the renewal of the Gulf Coast????

Like Oyster, I quote Suspect Device verbatim because he gets it so right:

Matt McBride, former blogger at Fix The Pumps, issues another email blast and warns us of the Corps’ new backup plan to lower NOLA floodgates: Invisible cranes! Cranes can be used to lower floodgates, but only if they’re actually there: The USACOE has issued a solicitation, one time only, take it or leave it, for rental of three hydraulic cranes. They’re not in place yet. Hurricane season starts next week.

The USACOE built & rebuilt & repaired levees & floodwalls are stuffed with newspaper and leaking. The backup systems for their emergency response plans are not in place. Their actions are incomprehensible. They have no credibility left and should either be removed from the project, forced to outsource to competent contractors (like the Dutch), or at the very least be placed under the close and direct supervision of a civilian board of scientists & engineers. A heavily armed civilian board of scientists & engineers, so lessons may be taught, as needed.

FEMA, charged with planning and preparedness in the event of emergency, is still trying to figure out what the f*** to do if an emergency does in fact happen, and has gone so far as to consider removing their collective thumb from their collective ass but is determined not to be too hasty about it. Cameron parish, quite literally flattened by hurricane Rita, lies mostly untouched, forgotten, rebuilding stalled by constantly changing FEMA elevation guidelines which have put the cost housing out of reach for residents.

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Craig said...

The referenced blog entry is excellent, but your preliminary rant is either inadequately explained or improperly directed.

"We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."
-- Benjamin Franklin