Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheesh. Be Careful Up There, Guys.

Cheers to the Saints for putting in some work on a family's house in Hollygrove.

However, did Coach approve the work assignments?

David Patten and Terrance Copper WERE ON THE ROOF?

I can think of another wide receiver who might have been a better choice to send on hazardous tasks.


saintseester said...

Exactly why saintseester will never be found on a rooftop. Too dangerous. She must remain healthy and in top form.

GW said...

Ah, but sir Clio, you underestimate the wilyness and wisdom of our fearless leader.

If Coach Payton had put Devery on the roof, everybody below would have been in danger from dropped nail guns, circular saws, buckets of hot tar, etc.

Even if you're on a roof, you're far safer above Devery than below him.

Anonymous said...

what?! no 'LSU's Devery Henderson'?
you've surprised me...

(posted from my Treo while at scout camp in the woods. Yes, even here we seek world class wisdom.)

Anonymous said...