Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mamma Mia . . .

. . . looks like a train wreck, but I want to go see it.

In the late seventies, I lived in Dubai, which was a hotbed of ABBA love.

As a kid there, I saw ABBA posters and bootlegged tapes everywhere.

Bottom line: I'm comfortable with liking ABBA.

I can't say it any better than Belinda Luscombe of Time magazine said it a couple weeks ago:
But where is your precious Fleetwood Mac now? Does the Internet list more than 50 Eagles tribute bands? (Or any with as good a name as Abbaration?) Did the Beach Boys have a musical on Broadway? They did, actually. It died. Meanwhile, Mamma Mia! has been on Broadway since October 2001. Note the date--a moment when America sorely needed comfort food. It was as if the country had sent out a national sos and Abba supplied the perfect rescue vehicle: sos.


GW said...

Oh my.

(Or for the young people, if you prefer, oh snap.)

Oh Clio. Clio, my brother. Oh no you di'int.

Hey, I sit in judgment of no ABBA fan. Whatever does it for ya, I say. Snobbery ain't my bag.

But to compare ABBA to Fleetwood Mac? Oh.... oh, just no. Please, no. Say it ain't so, Clio. Say it ain't so.

Mr. Clio said...
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Mr. Clio said...

Not so fast, GW.

I was amused by the "SOS" portion of the Time mag quote, so I used it.

Fleetwood Mac was and still is a much more important part of my musical life. My first cassette tape was "Rumors."

But I would admit that ABBA has more pop-culture splash today and over the years.

The hot chick from ABBA said...

Thanks, I always liked you, Clio.
Ya it is compliment

The hot chick's husband from ABBA said...

Du har tappat ditt ord och din papperslapp, du barfotabarn i livet.

You've lost your word and your written note, you barefooted child of life.

The other dude in ABBA said...

Så sitter du åter på handlar'ns trapp och gråter så övergivet.

Now you're sitting again on the grocer's porch and crying, abandoned.

Lindsay Buckingham said...

Tänk efter nu – förr'n vi föser dig bort, du barfotabarn i livet.

Think twice now - lest we send you away, you barefooted child of life.

Mick Fleetwood said...

Vad var det för ord – var det långt eller kort, var det väl eller illa skrivet?

What was it, that word – was it long, was it short, was it well or poorly written?

Stevie Nicks said...

When did Mick Fleetwood learn svenska?

Joe Walsh said...

We were speaking just yesterday in Gagauz.
I didn't know he picked up Swedish, either.