Monday, July 28, 2008

Metro in the Times-Picayune, Dr. Morris Benefit, etc.

1. What a sad sack spectacle the Metro section of the Times-Picayune on Monday has become. The Hammond Daily Star puts it to shame, I'm sure. The "new and improved" Metro section wouldn't even last through a trip to the Port O Potty at Jazz Fest. They might as well include a coloring page and maze in this version of the Metro.

2. The Dr. Morris benefit at One Eyed Jack's Saturday night was way cool, and Dr. Mrs. Clio and I saw a lot of way cool people. Supa Saint's performance was WAY too short. 80s style keyboard tunes played in front of a video projection of Saints highlights just can't be enjoyed in a four-minute snippet. Trust me, Supa Saint. Some things have to go on for 20 minutes to achieve greatness.

3. Also re the Dr. Morris benefit, when Dr. Mrs. Clio and I left at midnight, I had the distinct impression that things were just getting warmed up and that nakedness was going to ensue soon. I think that's why Dr. Mrs. Clio made sure we were leaving. Dr. Mrs. Clio and I are the kind of people who like to think and say not that "we've been around." Rather, we're more the kind of people who say, "We've been nearby."


badgerminor said...

I haven't picked up the Times-Picayune in ages, but if it's worse than the Hammond Daily Star, the whole staff needs to be laid off so that they can find more suitable careers in the fields of flowering arranging, writing greeting cards, and giving handjobs to Guv Bobby.

Leigh C. said...

"We've been nearby"! What a hoot!

I think, since we had to leave at 10:30-ish in order to avoid our turning into parental pumpkins, the best we could say is that "we were in the ballpark"...or, slightly better: "we were in the upper deck."

LatinTeacher said...

My wife is more your speed. I would have gotten naked (though I never did even at Snake and Jake's Christmas lounge - do they still have "Naked Wednesdays"?)

Joe Cullen said...

Do they have Naked Whatday?

I go everyday

Sedrick Ellis said...

I'm Rick James, bitches

Tim said...

It was over as soon as the auction ended. I stayed later only because I knew it might be YEARS before I got another night out in the Quarter.