Friday, July 04, 2008

Your Campaign Contribution to David Vitter Supports His Hooker Habit

I am grateful to for featuring this story so prominently.

I will remember this in the next election, when the Jesus people are explaining to us how we have a moral imperative to contribute to and vote for David Vitter.

Happy Independence Day!

What do I love about my country? (REVISED, owing to useful comment from the West Coast Muse.)

Stunning, wondrous natural beauty.
Gritty can-do-ness.
A political tradition that necessitates freel-wheeling exchange and a thick skin.
Tolerance. No, not just tolerance. Love for the difference.
The unassisted triple play. The tomahawk dunk. Section 635.
All those people from the United States of America who are still streaming into my world class city to make it better than ever.
The First Amendment. The Hot 8 Brass Band.
World Class New Orleans. New York City. The Cajun triangle from Alexandria to Beaumont to the mouth of the River. The surreal water at Sandestin, Florida. Every inch of California.
Thomas Jefferson. Deuce McAllister. Brash Joe Horn back in the day. Dorothy Day. Ellen DeGeneres. Joe Krown. John Boutte. Brash Brian Bordelon every day.
The Smithsonian. Parasol's. Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Rhapsody in Blue. Anything fried at Commander's Palace.

If we ever get tired of "The Star Spangled Banner," I nominate this song for national anthem:


saintseester said...

Your post made me happy.

Let's add generosity to that list.

angels, saints, and bears oh my said...

Thanks for reminding me that song is actually a good song. The Chevy truck commercials with nothing but images of white men had really fucked it up for me. Of course I warmed a bit to them when one flashed an image of Jow Horn in action in black & gold.

Also, I like your list but please remember that any list of great things about America must include BASEBALL and Jazz.