Friday, August 22, 2008

Anybody paying attention to Fay around here?

I wonder how the pumps are working.

If Fay does a loop-dee-loop around here like the computers say it will, we're going to get some rain.

Will the levees stay standing?  Or slide into the lake, or a canal, or the Mr. GO?

I've got a little roof issue I'm going to take care of first thing in the morning.  I loaded up on cold cuts.  Will go get some ice tomorrow morning too.

Oh, and I'll make sure my freezer doesn't have a lot of meat in it.


dillyberto said...

Have a garage sale.
Grill in the street.
Go crabbing.

get rid of all meats in the freezer.

Jason David combibes

BigFoot said...

The hoax on you, human!!!!!

LatinTeacher said...

FYI, your red meat would not be good in a freezer in Jackson, MS either. That was gross.

Invest 94 and Invest 95 said...

Hey, bitches! Don't forget about us! We still trying to decide who we going to screw with.

Craig said...

Some of us, like the esteemed Clio, watch these things constantly.

Dillyberto...Keep your trap shut about invests 94 and 95. Really.

Although, if one of 'em asks, I've noticed that Crawford, TX looks good...!

Craig said...

Just so's you know if they ask you:

Latitude: 31.534104
Longitude: -97.442658

The Saints said...

Invest 95 is like Jason David - he's going to screw someone. Just hope it won't be us or our season.