Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brian Bordelon

You have already been returned to ashes, but you are so much more than the elements that constituted you.

I already miss you. I don't have your gumption, but I will endeavor to be truthful to and about myself, and honest with others, even if it embarrasses me and gets me into trouble with others.

Please forgive me for not having been a better friend.

And please be nicer to the greens in heaven than you were to the greens at Audubon Park. I want to be able to play on the greens in heaven without my ball going into some kind of putter-created gouge.


Sean said...
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Sean said...

Mr Clio-
I've been a friend of Brian since his days as a Paramedic. I still work there. Thank you so much for your kind tributes to Brian's memory. I've posed similar ones on my EMS blog at
He was a great friend. Sadly I wasn't able to go to his memorial service, but will memorialize him nonetheless. I will regularly read your blog, since we clearly both have similar interests (and friends!). Thanks again!
-Sean Fitzmorris

dillyberto said...



LatinTeacher said...

I was with him when he terrorized the guy taking money for greens fees at City Park South. I believe he paid in nickels.

LatinTeacher said...

He was one short. On purpose.

shay911 said...

I knew BB (as he called himself in emails) since my days in EMS dooing the "troll roll" at the big Free (Charity). While in P-School working nights I would wait for his unit to pull at on the ramp and he would give me a better understanding of those strips and narcs to push when my teacher wasn't so clear. He had more drive, passion, hope, faith, and love for life than anyone I have ever known! We had been emailing/texting each other for months after I heard of his illness. The last was in June...his emails were little stories that I longed to read daily, his text were hilarious as he sat with "trolls" getting his treatment...we giggled at that fact he was plugged into machines and phones while the trolls watched him in confusion. I plan on saving every email and text: when I feel down he will continue to make me laugh even now. I have been a cop for 6.5 years now and he insulted the profession to me until he realized there was another side to it. He taught me the other side of that as well. BB will always have a place in my heart! I have a copy of a story he wrote while in College called "The House We Built"....that was when I realized his talent for writing...I don't know if I will ever meet someone again that wrote so intelligently and eloqently as he did!
I love you my are loved and respected by MANY, I will never forget you...