Thursday, August 21, 2008

Microsoft Goes for Less Stodgy Image by Giving $10 million to 54-year-old White Jewish Man

I love Jerry Seinfeld, but my kids zone out when his show comes on TV.

I don't see how Microsoft's getting him as their new ad man is going to make Microsoft more hip.

Mr. Seinfeld is 17 years older than John Hodgman, the guy who plays the stodgy PC guy in the great Mac vs. PC ads.

And, as public radio's Marketplace pointed out today, on the "Seinfeld" show, Jerry had a Mac.


bigshot said...

Good point. And speaking of Marketplace, I think I have a man crush on host Kai Ryssdal. Why can't he host the Point After?

daneeta loretta said...

OK. Your kids need to be re-educated. Jerry Seinfeld is the most talented comic writer since, well, God. The fact that he is plugging Microsoft products, however, shows that he really knows nothing about computers. Mac rules, and, you can get software as good as MS and for free from the internets. Open Office, Celtx, The Gimp, etc. Freeconomy is not communism. It's just free. Which brings me back to the $10 million. As if Seinfeld needs another million. Give it to the kids in Africa for goodness sake! That is all.