Friday, August 29, 2008


Tonight I rode my bike home from the Saints game
in the Superdome
in downtown New Orleans.

And the air embraced me.
I felt it grab my shoulders
with warm and comfortably humid grasps,
and I smelled the sweet olives
and thought about some clouds and wind and rain
many days away from us or not us.

I felt loved by a terrain
made by God and nature
and us.

Very old oak limbs
and less old beautiful homes and houses.
and even less old cracked concrete.

I was loved.
Didn't just feel it.

And I loved back.


oyster said...

Inspired to poetry?

Very nice!

Seymour D. Fair said...

Yep. Very nice indeed.

Taralyn said...

Indeed, nice...

Anonymous said...

wow. thanks for sharing, jefe. consider me moved.