Sunday, August 03, 2008

Where is the sense of proportion, NFL Hall of Fame?

I just realized that Andre Tippett was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame yesterday.

I congratulate him.

However, to be honest, I had to pick my brain to remember exactly who he is and what his accomplishments were. They are impressive, to be sure. 100 sacks and five Pro Bowls. And so on.

However, consider Mister Jackson (pictured above, being held by a Caaardinal, the Saints' first opponent this year). Number 57. In Mister Jackson's 15th and final year, he had more sacks than Andre Tippett did in all but four of Tippett's 11 seasons.

Mister Jackson had 128 sacks. Mister Jackson was a run-stuffer par excellence. Mister Jackson missed only two games and played with a broken cheekbone after a horrible high-speed car accident. Mister Jackson changed games in the NFL. Mister Jackson's play allowed Hugh Green, an NFL failure, to be considered for the Heisman while both were at the University of Pittsburgh.

Mister Jackson.

Mister Jackson.

When Mister Jackson finally gets into the NFL Hall of Fame, Andre Tippett should offer to launder Mister Jackson's Saints jersey so that it will be nice and clean for the enshrinement.

As long as we are enshrining Andre Tippett before Mister Jackson, I believe it would also be fitting to enshrine the following so-so New England Patriots (as I indicated to Steve Korte of WWL when I called in today--he belly-laughed):

Steve Grogan (QB)
Tony Eason (QB)
Reggie Dupard (RB, a Louisiana guy)
Rich Camarillo (P)
Mosi Tatupu (RB)
Irving Fryar (WR)
Kenneth Sims (DE)

Come to think of it, if Andre Tippett gets into the Hall of Fame ahead of Mister Jackson, perhaps Steve Korte should be enshrined too.
Clio III's middle name is Jackson. Clio III was born in the year Mister Jackon retired. Coincidence? I wonder . . .


saintseester said...

My son's middle name is Jackson, too. I see a trend.

bigshot said...

Rickey's chances are hurt by the fact that Pete Finney doesn't believe Rickey is worthy of the HOF. Maybe this has changed since Tippitt got in, but it is up to Finney as the Nola representative to make Rickey's case.

Ron Borges, a HOF voter formerly of the Boston Globe, is largely responsible for Tippitt getting in after lobbying tirelessly on Tippitt's behalf. Ron and I exchanged a direct, but courteous email messages about Tippitt v. Rickey. He agreed that Rickey is hall-worthy, should get in but just not at the expense of Tippitt. Let's hope he chats with Pete about this.

Grace Slick said...

When logic and proportion
have fallen sloppy dead
and the White Knight is talking backwards
and the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
remember what the dormouse said...

Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Trevor Rabin, Tony Kaye and Alan White said...

I can feel no sense of measure
No illusions as we take
refuge in young man's pleasure
Breaking down the dreams we maaaaaake.........


Mr. Clio said...

I was hoping you'd chime in, bigshot. Thanks. Your perspective is well-informed, given your choices of places to live over the past several years.

bigshot said...

Thank you, Mr. Clio. As my one of my favorite t-shirt says, "Rickey Forever"

Howie Luvzus said...

I'm gettin Deja Vu!

jeffrey said...

It's simple. Rickey often butted heads with Finks and Mora. Finney is still in love with Finks and Mora. Ergo Finney doesn't like Rickey. Finks and Mora were assholes and the most overrated sports personalities in the history of this city.... outside of Finney that is.