Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And They Said We Didn't Take Hurricanes Seriously in NOLA

Learned about this from Suspect Device.

This makes me laugh almost as much as a certain discourse on shaving.


GW said...

That is 100% pure greatness. Farce of the highest quality. Sublime in its ridiculousness.

Both the person in the bear suit and the person behind the camera are winners at life.

Just beautiful.

dillyberto said...

I think this is clear evidence of Chicago intellect.

Grogans said...

You talkin' bout me again?

Nabil said...

That was positively....New Orleans. Galveston just shot way up in my estimation, if not Texas as a whole (which can slide into the sea, as far as I'm concerned).

craig said...

Just so you know, that's actually Boudreaux. He was there helping to clean up.

Now you know that those orange teeth are just falsies.