Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cell Phones Don't Seem to be Working So Well

This is NOT a complaint. I know hurricanes present a myriad of difficulties.

I'm just posting to observe that there still seem to be problems with cell phones during disasters. I don't know if it's infrastructure or the shear number of simultaneous users.

After Katrina, a tech guy with a cell phone company told me that the cell phone companies had "gone to school" on Katrina and that next time around, there would be better coverage and it wouldn't be so hard to get through. He said they were changing the way call were routed and such.

It may in fact be better this go 'round, but it is still difficult. Text messaging seems to work pretty well, though.

Again, this is not a complaint. I just wanted to post what I'm experiencing during the middle of this.


daneeta loretta said...

I can text to my mom and sister from London, but I can't call. My mom can call me. I can call to Jennifer and Richard, but I can't text. Weird.

GentillyGirl said...

This is why we have cells with California numbers.

We could call out to anyone.