Friday, September 05, 2008

Cox Fixed the Tubes

I have internet, cable, and power at my house. I take none of this for granted. If I can help anyone with my undeserved bounty of modernity, please let me know.

Jumpsuits were delivered by UPS yesterday! I couldn't believe it. Berto is hard at work with a Sharpie. I am working on adding a flag to my bike to copy the style seen in the beeee-YOU-tiful commercial below.

More soon. In a hurry paying bills and cranking up my job again.


saintseester said...

I'm so excited I am about to bust a gut here.

If Sept. 2006 was the Christening of a new Era in New Orleans, the this weekend is the Confirmation.

dillyberto said...

Got a good deal riding on this game Sunday.

A win goes a long way......

Ike got me some reservations in Prattville all over again, today.

Go for it.

get to sleep in my bed one night........

Nabil said...

That's probably the only commercial that I've ever actually looked forward to seeing again, as it brought tears to my eyes.